Friday, June 02, 2006

Into the belly of the beast: America beware

Apparently not content with broadcasting misinformation about America, the BBC has now decided to begin broadcasting to America.
The BBC's global news channel, BBC World, has launched in the US, aiming to
capture audiences hungry for international news.
Or, at least, audiences hungry for the BBC's own spin on international news.

BTW, BBC World promotes itself as a "commercially funded" arm of the BBC, but I wonder whether this is a wholly accurate characterization, for it also claims to "draw on the resources of more than 250 BBC News correspondents and 58 international BBC News bureaux across the globe." Surely most of those correspondents, along with the reports they produce, are paid for by the BBC or the BBC World Service, both of which are funded not commercially but by UK taxpayers. Which suggests that perhaps BBC World is "commercially funded", except of course when it isn't.