Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mission statement

My primary aim with this site is to document and counter the misinformation about America that regularly flows forth from the British media. The quotation at the top of this site is a perfect illustration not only of the caricatured picture of America that elite British journalists themselves maintain, but also of how unabashed they are in pushing that caricature on to their audience. Americans are often presumed by foreigners to be provincial and uninterested in the rest of the world, which is supposed to contrast with a much more curious and much better informed British public. I don't know if they are particularly more curious, but better informed they certainly are not, at least not if they are relying on the British media, and in particular the state-funded BBC, for their knowledge about America. Hopefully I can demonstrate why that is the case.

I suspect, as an adjunct to this, I will delve into American politics itself in order to provide context to my criticisms of British coverage of it....and also because I will simply be unable to contain myself. In this regard, I expect this site will act as the outlet for my opinions that, until now, I have so inconsiderately foisted upon a select group of family and friends via e-mail, all of whom have been the involuntary recipients of my unsolicited rants. With the advent of this site, I can erase my guilt, knowing that if any of you continue to read my screeds, you are finally doing so by choice.

Lastly, a thank you to Richard J., who not only suggested to me that I start this site, but went through the effort of getting it set up for me. Apparently he really wanted to stop getting those e-mails.