Friday, April 21, 2006

All you need to know about the Beeb

The BBC's John Humprhys is apparently concerned that the Queen has snubbed a certain 80-year old by failing to invite him to her birthday party. Says Humphrys, about his remarks to the Queen when he met her a couple of days ago:
I suggested it was a bit mean not to invite [him] to the Palace because he's
80 as well...
Who is this luminary whose lack of an invitiation bothers Humphrys so much that he felt compelled to question the Queen herself about it? Was it Alan Greenspan, who turned 80 just over a month ago? Or Jerry Lewis, who celebrated his 80th a couple weeks later? Or perhaps Mel Brooks, who hits the four-score mark in June?

Nope. Humphrys is, in fact, worried about the Queen being "mean" to....aging Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Iain Murray summed it up nicely when he said on NRO's The Corner, "All you need to know about the BBC is included in that one remark."

News that may explain some things

TAE (the site) has sat idle for almost three weeks now, and while it may be a bit of unwarranted self-flattery to think that some of you might actually care, I suppose an explanation is in order.

Well, the big news, simply put, is that the American Expatriate (the man) is soon to become the American Repatriate. Yes, after nearly 14 years away from the US, and over 7 in this fine country, it looks as though I will finally be returning to the homeland this summer. Towards that end, I have been immensely preoccupied with starting the process of ending my existence here and (re-) starting one there. It is an exciting process, although hugely time consuming, what with trips back to the US, looking for a place to live, selling my house here, etc. Hence the absence of any new posts over the last few weeks.

I am not quite sure what this move portends for the future of this site. It would certainly be possible, in this internet age, to continue to observe the British media from afar. And with the likes of the BBC and The Guardian taking active steps to build their own US-based audiences, it is perhaps more important than ever to keep an eye on their corrupting agenda and influences. For now, however, I remain in the UK, and will continue to keep the site updated as best I can. I only ask those of you (hopefully many, possibly few, perhaps none) who enjoy reading these observations and visit the site often to have patience if there are extended periods without anything new posted. It will not, I assure you, be for lack of effort.