Monday, March 27, 2006

BBC trying to catch up

The BBC has finally decided to cover the release of Iraq and Afghanistan intelligence documents with a piece by Paul Reynolds on Saturday.


Blogger Simon Lazarus said...

The BBC, or even any US media outlet save Fox, have yet to point out that three military figures - an American general, an Israeli intel officer, and an Iraqi general - have all stated that Saddam had major stocks of WMD and a growing nuclear program, and when the buildup for OIF started he moved all of his stocks to Syria utilizing trucks.

The sanitizing of this story, along with allowing the Syrians to continue their joint ventures with Iran, show the incredible mockery that is the mainstream media.

Simon Lazarus

3:43 AM  
Anonymous chipper said...

Wow. An `American general, an Israeli intel officer and an Iraqi general'. With such reputable sources it's just got to be true hasn't it!

Wake up Joobo.

9:42 AM  

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