Sunday, October 02, 2005

Newsflash: Words actually have meaning!

A headline from today's New York Times:

To More Inmates, Life Term Means Dying Behind Bars

This reminds me of a debate I heard once on BBC radio's Five Live in which the presenters held a serious discussion on whether a person sentenced to life in prison should serve 15 or 20 years.

I wonder: Should I pay £3 or £5 for the daily £8 congestion charge?


Anonymous Mark said...

Gee whiz, talk about a truism! "Life term means...well...a life term". Makes sense to me! I guess what he's talking about is that there are fewer life termers being given parole. Either that or else they're older and so die before they have a chance at parole.

I think this is what most people want. I think I remember some years back there was much complaining about how when convicts are given life terms there was a sizeable minority that were getting out after 20 years or so. People saw this as a problem. So it should come as good news to people that "a life term means a life term". Seems, though, someone should've balked at the headline before it went into print. It should've been something like "Fewer Life Termers Getting Parole".

4:26 AM  

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