Friday, September 23, 2005

Blame Truman

While Rifkind blames Katrina and Rita on SUV's and oil consumption, a meteorologist in Idaho has some slightly more credible ideas on which of America's sins are to blame for these hurricanes: the use of the atomic bomb.

An Idaho weatherman says Japan's Yakuza mafia used a Russian-made electromagnetic generator to cause Hurricane Katrina to strike America.

Meteorologist Scott Stevens, a nine-year veteran of KPVI-TV in Pocatello, said he believes the artificially created hurricane was a bid to avenge Japan for the Hiroshima atomic bomb attack -- and that this technology will soon be wielded again to hit another U.S. city. Stevens said he had been struggling to forecast weather patterns starting in 1998 when he discovered the theory on the Internet. It's now detailed on Stevens' Web site.

Check out Weather Wars. The Guardian/BBC can keep this theory on the back burner, just in case American-induced global warming doesn't pan out.


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