Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sheehan rediscovered

With the political fallout from Katrina on the wane, and the hopes of additional political fallout from Rita dashed, the BBC has rediscovered its pre-hurricane obsession: Cindy Sheehan. In the news this time for breaking the law, Sheehan is making her first appearance on the Beeb's website since August 27, and her 12th overall. And still the BBC refuses to inform its audience of what Sheehan really thinks.


Anonymous Mark said...

Even in the midst of the hurricane disasters, Sheehan has managed to keep getting attention one way or another. I saw a posting on another blog, U.S.-based, about two weeks ago saying that Sheehan had managed to get an audience with Sen. Clinton, wife of former Pres. Bill Clinton, and several Democratic and Republican House representatives. Just the other day she was on Hardball with Chris Matthews. It's a show mostly watched by the "inside the Beltway" set, and not much by anybody else. Nevertheless, Matthews doesn't invite just anybody on his show.

A couple cable news stations are still paying attention to the Twitty disappearance in Aruba, another story that was temporarily shoved off the news agenda by the hurricanes.

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