Saturday, July 02, 2005

Irrelevancy at Reuters

I saw this the other day on WSJ's Best of the Web, and a TAE reader Don Black also noted it, so I figured I would pass it on. From Reuters, the same British news organization that refuses to use the word terrorist when describing, er, terrorists, we get this story about a 115 year-old Dutch woman, the oldest living person on record and a woman who has no apparent connection to the US. But Retuers has found one:

Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, a former needlework teacher, was born in 1890, the year Sioux Indians were massacred by the U.S. military at the Battle of Wounded Knee.

Do you suppose Reuters has a list of perceived historical injustices committed by America that it passes out to its writers with instructions to work them into stories whenever possible?

I wonder why Reuters chose not to point out that 1890 was also the year in which Britain concluded treaties with both France and Germany agreeing to carve up Africa among the colonial powers. Even if as much of a non-sequitur as Wounded Knee, it at least has the advantage of being a bit more topical.


Blogger Don Black said...

Thank you Scott for addressing this. I just couldn't believe what I was reading in the lovely news so fairly presented.

12:12 AM  

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