Wednesday, June 29, 2005


On my ride to the office this morning, listening to the BBC, this is what I hear (paraphrasing, since I have not yet mastered the art of transcribing while driving):

Mark Pougatch: Let’s go to Iraq to find out the reaction of the Iraqi people to President Bush’s speech last night. Was there any reaction?

Reporter in Iraq (missed his name): Not at all, Mark. I don’t know a single person who was even aware that it was happening. They even have a radio call-in show in the morning here, and no one has mentioned Bush. They were talking about doctors today.

At this stage I’m thinking to myself…what’s the point of this report? Surely they knew, before wasting time going to the reporter in Iraq, that he didn’t have anything of interest to report on. Why are we listening to him?

MP: So the Iraqis weren’t listening?

Reporter: Well, clearly the speech was not aimed at an Iraqi audience. It was, afterall, broadcast at 4am local time. You have to understand that this is an audience that cannot be spun. They know how bad things are here on the ground. And they know that there is no prospect for improvement....

Ah. Now I understand the point of the report. Yet another in the litany of Iraq-is-a-hopeless-disaster reports. Yawn.


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