Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gulag watch

The BBC is still at it with its boilerplate promotion of Amnesty International's idiotic characterization of Guantanamo. The final three sentences of today's Guantanamo story:

Recent critics of the high-security detention centre include former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Amnesty International has branded the camp "the gulag of our times".

Many of the men have been held for three years without trial.

As usual. Wouldn't it be easier for the Beeb to simply replace the lines with an asterisk that reads "You know the drill"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Scott

Reference your last sentence, the answer to your, I guess, rhetorical question, if one can give an answer, is: No, it would be a lot easier if they just dropped these ludicrous allusions altogether.

Best regards
Richard Swann

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Peter C Glover said...

Dear Scott

Thought you might appreciate today's posting drawing together some of Mark Steyn's excellent insight into anti-Americanism et al.

I hope you're picking up readers from both sides of the Atlantic through the link...

Peter Glover
A 'let's have regime change in the EU and France' Brit

1:48 PM  

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