Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tony Blair agrees with TAE

According to Rupert Murdoch, even Tony Blair agrees that the BBC's coverage of Katrina was over-the-top.

TONY Blair has re-opened the government’s long-standing row about BBC bias by describing the corporation’s coverage of the aftermath of the havoc caused to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina as being “full of hatred of America”.

The UK Prime Minister’s comments on the BBC’s coverage have been revealed by Rupert Murdoch, chief executive of News Corporation. Murdoch also claims that Blair thought the BBC was “gloating” at the slow response of the federal and local authorities in helping and evacuating the hundreds of thousands of victims made homeless and the dead who were left lying uncollected where they had fallen for days.

Granted, Murdoch has an interest in making the Beeb look bad, but according to the article, Blair's office has not denied it.

(Thanks to Richard J. for the heads up.)


Anonymous Mark T said...

more important, Bill Clinton did too

10:47 AM  

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