Tuesday, August 02, 2005

(Negative) comments on Bolton, please

In a website feature soliciting comments from readers on the appointment of John Bolton as US ambassador to the UN, this is how the BBC described Bolton’s appointment.
Mr Bush made his decision without waiting for approval from the Senate, citing Mr Bolton's experience in foreign affairs and blaming political opponents for the irregular nature of the appointment.
You could say that, I suppose.

But if one was trying to be a bit more accurate, one could also say that Bush made his decision after waiting in vain on Senate action for nearly 5 months since his March 8 nomination of Bolton. One might also say that it wasn’t the Senate that failed to act, but that is was the Democrats, ie Bush’s political opponents, that refused to allow a Senate vote on Bolton’s nomination through their use of filibustering tactics. So, rather than suggesting that Bush is simply blaming his opponents, the BBC might have instead revealed that his opponents are to blame.

But that, of course, might not solicit the kind of comments for which the BBC is obviously looking.


Anonymous mamapajamas said...

Hmmmm... the BBC might have also pointed out that there is NOTHING "irregular" about a recess appointment. Clinton did about 140 of them.

7:36 AM  

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