Thursday, July 14, 2005


I'm off to America for a couple of weeks. As a result, it is unlikely I will be able to post today (lots to take care of before I leave), but I hope to be able to post sporadically while I am there, so please keep checking in, and in any event I should be back to a regular posting schedule by August 1.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not go to Iraq instead? you could try democracy and freedom outside your own country for a change.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Welcome home, Scott! :) How long has it been since you've been back here?

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Truth. said...

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

To "truth":

(yawn) I suppose you'd be saying the same thing if we went into the Sudan to help those people out, too.

10:28 AM  

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