Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The oh-so-subtle Guardian

From The Guardian today, in an article otherwise about the lovefest between Bob Geldof and Tony Blair:
[George Bush] repeated the White House line that many developing countries were not involved in the Kyoto negotiations, and said that he would find it hard to endorse an agreement that would lead to significant job losses in the US.
Now, I wonder how many instances one might find of The Guardian referring to Geldof repeating "the Live8 line" on African poverty. Or of environmentalists repeating the "global-warming line". Or of Kofi Annan repeating the "UN line". I'm guessing, oh, never perhaps?

But today we get a two-fer on Bush:
The Bush administration has been attacked for its line that there is no scientific consensus on the causes of global warming, a position similar to that of US oil firms.
Hmmm. Bush...oil firms...same "line". Now why do you suppose The Guardian made that connection?


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