Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's official: G8 leaders "run the world"

BBC reporter Paul Mason reporting from the protests in Gleneagles, confirms tonight on Newsnight that the views of the protestors are correct. Amidst a group of protestors tearing down a fence and attacking police, Mason informs us:
People outside this fence want to change the world. Those inside of it, or what remains of it, run the world.
The BBC uncovers the illuminati. Thanks, Paul.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well this is where "business editor" Paul Mason is coming from

Dear brothers/sisters
Just a short personal message of solidarity - I will raise your dispute in our Chapel when we meet next. I am constantly struck by the small minded penny pinching of media owners who spare no expense for their own largesse.
Your fight is part of a resurgence of grassroots trade unionism that is telling the managers "we're back" in every sector of the economy.
A donation follows.
Paul Mason
Business Correspondent, BBC Newsnight (personal capacity)

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Yes, rather surprised the BBC doesn't talk about the Bilderburg meetings that take place every year. Granted they wouldn't have much to talk about as the site where the meetings take place is heavily guarded and no one who isn't invited is allowed inside, but still, you'd think they'd mention it, with talk like this...

6:59 AM  

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