Friday, June 10, 2005

The mote in The Guardian's eye

The Guardian catches up with the rest of the world today in finally reporting on the fact that – shocker! – John Kerry is not in fact more intelligent than George Bush, at least if his grades from Yale are any indicator. Reporter Anna Bawden concludes:
Bush's results appear to counter the image portrayed of him in the media as being intellectually inferior. Cartoon sketches, films and books like Stupid White Men, by Michael Moore, have all picked on his supposed dimness, pointing to his at times slow speaking style and use of mid-American vernacular.
The image portrayed of him in "the media"? You mean like the portrayal of Bush as a dim-looking chimpanzee by The Guardian’s own Steve Bell back on May 27? Or on June 7? Or again on June 8? Or, indeed, in nearly every cartoon in Bell’s archive, including even today’s?

It would have been nice if The Guardian, while it was naming names, had the intellectual honesty to come clean on its own part in portraying Bush as "intellectually inferior". Too much, of course, to expect. Silly me.


Blogger Don Black said...

Glad you are raising a voice in the wilderness of stiff upper lip bull. I often wonder if the MSM such as the BBC has just gotten to lazy to even try to present news without opinion. I guess it is the same everywhere. The media doesn't allow the consumer to have a brain. If they just put out the news then people will come to the wrong conclusion. MSM can't have that.

Vist Drudge and look at the story on how media is currently trusted. Only 28% say they trust media, both television and newspaper reporting.

That is the same as Jimmy Carter rating as president. Now that is a clue!

I have enjoyed your blog, Scott. Keep up the good work.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous tired & excitable again said...

Yes, yet the sainted Jimmah is fawned over by the Brit left: if you're perfidious, sanctimonious, mediocre and wrong, even better if you emit the moron vibes known by Briddish editorialists to attach to all Americans, well, you're God in Guardianland.

The pathologies behind the tedious and trashy Dumb Bush headlines are more interesting. Big whiff of projection here. Pick any ten card-carrying members of the Guardian/Independent/NStatesman/BBC commentariat and you'll find eight shuffling dimbulb losers -- smug, alientated, embittered, disappointed by life. Maybe that's a definition of decadence, too.

8:09 AM  

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