Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Received today from the BBC (links added by TAE):

Thank you for your email of 27 February to our Complaints Website.

Firstly, may I offer my sincere apologies on behalf of BBC Information for the response you received from this department in reply to your email regarding the News Website article "Supreme Court to rule on abortion". It is most unfortunate that your concerns about factual inaccuracy were not addressed and I would assure you that the way in which your initial complaint was handled will be raised as a training issue.

I have been in contact with senior editors at our News Website who tell me that your original complaint did lead to this piece being checked and amended. You can view this at the following link:


I do hope that the fact that this article was changed has reassured you in some way that the BBC does take complaints seriously. I note you have also contacted us regarding another article on our website "Churches urged to back evolution" and I have today been in contact with Paul Rincon, who you also emailed, and I understand from Paul that he will be responding to your concerns.

Thank you again for taking the time and trouble to contact us.

Yours sincerely
Denise Tattersall
Divisional Advisor
BBC Information


Blogger David said...

Yeeeeeeeeeees! Well done Scott.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Nice work Scott.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How about the misleading BBC story on the website and also on the airwaves that Bush knew in advance about the Katrina risks - implying it was all his fault that there was no evacuation, with nil mention of NO Mayor Nagin's first-responder responsibility to get those buses moving. The BBC picks up the fatal errors in the AP atory it is plugging, namely that warnings were about water flowing OVER the levees from Pontchartain in a Scale 5 hurricane, an event that did not happen as the hurricane reduced to Scale 3 as it hit NO. (Nagin and the Governor as the other first responder were priviy to those warnings too - as was the whole world as I recall.)

Instead it was the BREACHING of the levee, and water flowing THROUGH the breach.

BBC story here :


Thorough fisking here :


10:43 AM  

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