Sunday, November 13, 2005

Quite a coincidence

What is the likelihood that two of the UK's biggest newspapers would, just by chance, happen to hit on the exact same idea, to be published on exactly the same day, that a fawning profile of a relatively unknown US politician, touting his chances of winning the Democratic nomination for a presidential election that is still three years away, would be something their readers needed to see?

Today The Guardian asks, regarding lame-duck Virginia governor Mark Warner, "Is this the man to put the Democrats back in the White House in 2008?" And, in a remarkable coincidence, The Sunday Times introduces the same Mark Warner to its readers by telling us that "'New Bill' emerges to thwart Hillary".

The Times says that:
As yet, few people have heard of Warner outside Virginia, but he is a guest today on CBS’s Face the Nation, a leading political talk show, and the American media have begun to pump up his chances.
Looks to me like the British media, almost certainly at the behest of the Warner for President campaign itself, is following suit. So much for the notion of an unmanipulated media.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"So much for the notion of an unmanipulated media.
" ? I'm not so sure manipulation was involved. After by-elections here everyone is trying to read the tea-leaves to predict the future direction of national politics. This election didn't leave many leaves. Two governorships that were held by Democrats are still held by Democrats, the California special election prooved the rule that the only people who vote in special elections are the special interests most affected. The failure Soros backed Ohio issues? Warner is an extremely popular Governor, and it is always said of popular governors that they have a chance to be the next president - it was even said of Vionovitch when he left the Governor's mansion in Ohio. No one from NJ state politics is going to be a contender on the national stage any time soon, so what alternative to Warner is there as the subject of how this election will change the coming political landscape?

Douglas, Guildford

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whilst the Guardian may be a law unto itself, the Sunday Times has a long and distinguished record of publishing bizarre reports on US political minutae that nobody in the UK is remotely interested in. From whence they come nobody knows, however it's a fair bet that there's no Democrat agenda given that the paper was broadly Bush supporting in the last election - a position hardly reflective of the Great British public.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Natalie said...

Warner was a very popular governor in VA. He is a moderate Democrat of which there are very few. He most definitely will be running against Hilary and if the Democrats want to regain the White House he would be a very good candidate to consider. In the past 30 years mostly Governors win the presidency (VP's as well). That said Mr. Warner is well respected by Republicans as well as Democrats in VA. So he makes a viable candidate. We here in the states however are just about fed up with campaigns at this point. We need a break and all we get are TV shows that are constant campaigns: Commander in Chief (a female president) and of course The West Wing!

6:10 PM  

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