Thursday, September 08, 2005


Check out this photo of New Orleans from two days ago. Color me surprised.

(tip to media thrust)

UPDATE: I'm told the photo has been moved, and can now be found here.


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Professor Juan Cole, currently being put to rights by Martin Kramer, apologises in a different style; he doesn’t really apologise. After claiming that Osama bin Laden had engineered September 11 “in response to the Israeli attack on the Jenin refugee camp”—an operation that took place seven months after 9/11—Cole wrote:

I post late at night and sometimes am sleepy and make mistakes ... If someone wants to accuse me of occasionally making minor errors, then sure. I occasionally make minor errors.

But that error—suggesting a motive for September 11 that isn’t chronologically possible—doesn’t seem much like the sort of mistake one makes due to weariness, or keyboard slippage. Cole didn’t misspell a word or post a broken link; he invented a rationale for 9/11 that bin Laden himself couldn’t possibly have claimed, and sheeted it home to the al-Qaeda bigshot. Talk about projection. Cole subsequently called for a Daily Kos-led fatwa against Kramer:

From Tim Blair's blog

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Sorry, that should have, of course, been posted as a comment on the item below.

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Anonymous media thrust said...

they moved the image/page.. found now at:

also mirrored it over at:

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