Thursday, June 16, 2005

More BBC on Rumsfeld

Regarding my earlier post about the BBC's dowdification of the Donald Rumsfeld quotation, it appears that at least someone at the BBC has a conscience. The quotation has now been removed and replaced with another, albeit without any kind of acknowledgement that a change has been made.

I've also finally had a chance to see the actual interview with Rumsfeld and, needless to say, seeing it leaves one with a distinctly different impression than reading the BBC's characterization of it. But I am having some trouble posting links, so I'll try to post my observations tomorrow.


Blogger Marc said...

The BBC are good at stealth editing.

I use a little program called "Hello" that allows you to upload pictures and webpage "captures". When I catch the BBC doing something really bad, I grab a shot of the screen with Hello and post it.

The BBC also stealth edit the Google cache of their stories. With the Hello screen shot you have proof of what the BBC origianlly said.

I use Flickr to place photographs directly in posts.

12:43 PM  

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